Kakara Engine

The Kakara Engine is a hybrid voxel game engine that powers Kakara. The Kakara engine is a medium to low level engine that allows for versatile game creation in Java using OpenGL. While Kakara is no longer in development, the Kakara Engine still is as of July 2022.

View the Getting Started section for a tutorial on the basics of the engine. Additional sections exist for a more in-depth look at the engine and its features.

Engine Versioning

The engine uses a major.minor.patch scheme for its versioning.

The development cycle of the engine happens in Pre-releases. These pre-releases implement new major features into the engine.

The engine is also marked with build numbers. Build numbers are automatically assigned after each build by Jenkins.

Put all together the engine can be versioned as: engine-1.0-PRE5-23-SNAPSHOT.jar


Contributing to the engine can be done so through github. Feel free to open a pull request for any contributions.

If you discover an issue specific to the engine please report them here.

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